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For personal use:
Keep track of familiy and friends who also have the LogicAll Solutions MobileTracker on their phones.   View their locations as they are displayed on the beautiful satellite images provided by Google Earth.  Share your favorite locations too - you can update your current position with the touch of a button to share a bird's eye view of your favorite beach or landmark.
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For Business:
Keep an eye-in-the-sky on your employees and assets with the LogicAll Solutions MobileTracker.  Just a few or dozens, you can see where they are any time day or night by accessing your company's MobileTracker webpage.  Great for tracking deployed assets as well - anywhere in the world.  Software can run on Android OS phones and any PC system. 

Compatible with the Android OS...
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Example for Personal Use
With internet access, the LAS MobileTracker uploads your position to our servers.  Dispatchers and managers can use our webpage interface to locate anyone on your plan.

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...and any internet capable Windows system
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Example for Business Use
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