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The MobileTracker is an easily configured background application which reads the GPS coordinates from an Android OS phone anywhere on the planet that has 3G+ or wireless internet access.  Every five minutes, the coordinates and user ID are uploaded to our website.  The web server stores the coordinates and makes the locations viewable from our website. 

Often used for entertainment and sharing locations with others, some use the MobileTracker to take "snapshots" of locations which are interesting or striking in the satellite view offered on the website.  Casual users also use the application to update friends on where they are.  The screen also displays the user's current bearing in an easily read NSWE compass format. 

Groups and businesses can use the MobileTracker to keep tabs on their members or employees in the field.  The website interface makes improptu meetings and the dispatching of employees to key locations easy. 
Using the MobileTracker



Enable the GPS on the phone

Start the MobileTracker on the phone

Get mobile!

Using the Free Website


Go to www.trackyouremployee.com and click on the Globe image.

After the Globe loads, click on your link and the view will zoom in on the location of the person or location.

Subscribers can enter in addresses for meeting and dispatching purposes.

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Subscribers gain access to their own private webpages.
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Administration functions include the ability to enter addresses and display their locations on the map for dispatching and managing employees and assets.  Old or incorrect IDs can be deleted from your list with the click of a button. A log file tracks every position upload, and the log can be viewed from the website.
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