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Subscribers gain access to their own private webpages.

Administration functions include the ability to enter addresses and display their locations on the map for dispatching and managing employees and assets.  Old or incorrect IDs can be deleted from your list with the click of a button.

A log file tracks every position upload, and the log can be viewed from the website.

Company website service subscription

Per month: $35
Per year: $350

Device Access Subscription

Less than 50 phones/devices $13.99
51 to 100 phones/devices $12.99
101+ phones/devices $11.99

MobileTracker Subscription Options


  For other subscription options, please contact us at:


Download the LAS MobileTracker application from the Android Market.
Works on phones and tablets for devices utilizing the Android OS.
Search for LogicAll Solutions, LAS MobileTracker

All devices upload to the public access map unless a subscription is selected. 
Please allow 24-48 hours for setup. 
You will recieve an email with the subscription code which you will enter into your application

Tap our logo to open the subscription entry form

Enter in your subscription code provided when you purchased your subscription

Hit OK and your device will report to your private subscription site.

Go to http://GPS.LogicAllSolutions.Net/MT/<your code> to view group/employee locations.